A travel agency that does not comply and an auto-finance company that “does not show up” are the ones that accumulate the most complaints.

MÉRIDA, Yuc.- The Federal Procurator’s Office of the Consumer (Profeco) Yucatan delegation announced that up to now they have registered 3,600 complaints , expecting to close the year above 4,300, where the main complaints are against electricity services , telephony and tourism .

“The ones that have the most denunciations nowadays are a tourism corporate that travels ahead and does not comply, and an auto-finance company that” does not face “ its clients,” said José Antonio Nevárez Cervera, delegate of the Profeco Yucatán, who added that “we have done what is necessary according to procedures so that they comply with the provisions”.

He indicated that they expect to end the month with approximately 490 complaints , as these increase during El Buen Fin , especially in the area of ​​products, guarantees, services and prices that are not respected.

“The number of conciliations has increased by at least 30% , a condition that will benefit in better communication between suppliers and customers,” he said.