National Agreement for the Protection of Consumers' Rights is an invitation to suppliers to provide expedited solutions
  • As an example of the expedited solutions that can be achieved in favor of consumers, Deputy Prosecutor Ponce, on behalf of the Federal Consumer Procurator, Rogelio Cerda Pérez, presented the telephone on a loan that the company Totalplay installed in the Delegación Nuevo León de la Profeco , to resolve disputes between consumers and suppliers at the moment when the consumer presents his / her disagreement

Monterrey, Nuevo León. The National Agreement for the Protection of the Rights of Consumers, which was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation last Friday, is an invitation to suppliers and business organizations to join the work carried out by Profeco and provide expeditious solutions to the consumer population, said Deputy Attorney for Telecommunications, Carlos Ponce Beltrán.

Ponce Beltrán explained the above after the presentation of the Totalplay loan, which was installed in the Delegación Nuevo León de la Profeco, where he went on behalf of the Federal Consumer Procurator, Rogelio Cerda Pérez.

“It is important to explain that this document (the National Agreement for the Protection of Consumer Rights) that you can consult in the Official Gazette of the Federation, is an invitation to business organizations to voluntarily join the protection policies to the consumer, “said the Deputy Attorney.

“So far,” he added, “we have 243 agreements signed, some with suppliers, others with chambers, associations and business organizations, and some more with the public sector, so the agreement is to convene that with the faculties that the Attorney and that we have the sub-attorneys we can have agreements with business organizations and seek expeditious solution mechanisms, because what consumers want is to solve them quickly, it is not worth 10 years later we respond to a consumer for a matter of 20 pesos”.

In addition, the Deputy Attorney emphasized that this is an invitation to entrepreneurs to join, not an imposition ( ).

He also said that an example of the type of agreements that can be achieved are the Immediate Telephone Agreements in the attention of consumer complaints, in order to make resources more efficient and shorten the reconciliation times, which was what allowed the installation of the telephone on a commodat the company Totalplay in the Nuevo León delegation.

These immediate telecommunications telephone agreements are a conciliation mechanism that allows to resolve disputes between consumers and suppliers in this sector at the same moment that the consumer presents his / her disagreement, where 98% of the cases end in a conciliation in his / her favor.

The Deputy Attorney’s Office of Telecommunications of Profeco implemented this program in February 2017, obtaining positive results in the times of duration, effectiveness in the conciliation and reduction of costs for the users. At the end of 2017, the Telecommunications Immediate Telephone Agreements program allowed to attend 21.77% of the nonconformities.

For the first four months of 2018, the immediate telephone conciliation represents 28.35% for the solution of nonconformities.

On May 31, 2017, Profeco entered into an agreement with Totalplay to incorporate the pilot program through the installation of two telephone equipment as a tool for immediate conciliation in the Yucatán Delegation and the Xalapa Sub-delegation.

Derived from the success of this pilot program, it was later agreed with this same company the installation of 18 more telephone equipment in delegations and sub-delegations.

With today’s agreement, Totalplay installs six more teams, Nuevo León plus Aguascalientes, Morelos, Naucalpan, Oriente (CDMX) and Toluca.

With this type of steps, Profeco wants to ensure that there are better mechanisms to serve all consumers who come to request it.

Likewise, it takes the opportunity to remind the population of its other channels to receive complaints and denunciations: Consumer Telephone, 55 68 87 22, in Mexico City and the metropolitan area; 01 800 468 8722, free of charge in the rest of the country, and the official social networks on Twitter: @Profeco and on Facebook: ProfecoOficial .